Terralyt Plus

TERRALYT PLUS© is a patented, organic electrolyte for the soil. It works by assisting the transport of energy within the living unit of soil and therefore promoting respiratory processes to increase microbe functionality and reproduction. Using TERRALYT PLUS© will can assist in optimising pH, improve soil crumbling and improve yields. It is non-toxic and leaves no harmful residue.

TERRALYT PLUS© needs only to be applied in small doses, although too much is not harmful and only needs to be applied once a year: about 1KG (approx 700mL) mixed with 1000 litres covers 2.5 hecatres.


  • Agriculture: All kinds of fruits (cereals, potatoes, beans, peas, carrots, water melons, cassava, chilli, sugar cane, sugar beets etc.) can benifit when Terralyt Plus is sprayed after seeding.
  • Green Houses: For all kinds of plants (tomatoes, flowers etc).
  • Gardens: All kinds of lawns (Spring & Autumn) fruit trees, bushes, flowers, berries etc.
  • Flowers in houses and apartments: Each flowerpot should be watered every 14 days. The blossom time will be extended and the plant will look fresher.