Seafert Liquid Organic Fertiliser

SEAFERT is a  complex liquid organic based fertilizer designed to feed and nurture plants. The two main raw  materials used in SEAFERT are hydrolysed fish proteins and bull kelp seaweed.  These are boosted with soluble nutrients to provide additional nourishment  required by plants. It includes amino acids, humic acid, enzymes and natural  elements. SEAFERT shortcuts the regular nitrogen fixing cycle by using the  mentioned amino acids which can be immediately absorbed into the plant and used  for protein synthesis and healthy growth.


  • A balanced all round plant food with natural and soluble nutrients.
  • Supplies amino compounds, humic acids, enzymes and plant derived natural growth hormones.
  • Enhances chlorophyll productions photosynthesis and plant metabolism.
  • Improves plant vigour and colour.
  • Helps to improve fruit sets, size and sugar levels.
  • Increases yield and quality of produce.

seafert analysis