6 All Natural Alternatives and Chemical Fertilisers

There is absolutely no need to use toxic chemicals to grow a splendid plant or a vivid green lawn. Even so, most people keep using toxic chemicals on their gardens. Let´s overview a few natural alternatives to chemical pesticides and fertilizers.

Practice “Biocontrol”

The concept of biocontrol implies natural control of pests and weeds. After some research online or inquiring at a gardening store, you will learn what you can plant in order to attract the insects or animals that eat the weeds and peskier bugs you want to get rid of. You can put positive insects such as ladybugs in your garden positive insects, and they will eat the undesirable insects. Also, you should be careful to remove from your garden the plants that attract harmful insects or bugs.

Create a Natural Insecticide in Your Kitchen

You can find the necessary ingredients to create a natural insecticide right in your kitchen! Take one garlic bulb and blend it with two cups of water. Allow the resulting mixture to rest for a day and then strain out the remains of the pulp. Add this liquid to a gallon of water and pour a bit of it into a handy spray bottle. Apply this liquid thoroughly all over your garden at minimum once a week. If it rains in between applications, repeat the process of spaying your garden. You will soon notice how effective garlic is to keep many pests away from your beloved plants and lawn.

Use Neem as a Natural Fertilizerorganic produce

The tropical tree called neem is an effective natural fertilizer. Making a potent fertilizer at home is as easy as boiling a few leaves of neem in a water pot.  Let the boiled water cool down, and then pour it into a spray bottle. Spray evenly on your garden once a week. It will nourish the soil and fight harmful insects, too.

Boil Water

Nothing is easier than pouring boiling water on bugs to kill them. Boiling water also helps to eliminate weeds. Pull out the weeds; try to remove as much as root as possible; and then pour boiling water in the precise place where weeds were, which will terminate any leftover roots or seeds.

Use Organic Products

Our very own SEAFERT is a  complex liquid fertilizer designed to feed and nurture plants. The two main raw materials used in SEAFERT are hydrolysed fish proteins and bull kelp seaweed. These are boosted with soluble nutrients to provide additional nourishment required by plants.

Aerate and Dethatch Your Lawn

Do these two simple things, and you will not need to add chemical fertilizers to your lawn. To aerate your lawn, you can go to any gardening store and rent or purchase the specific machine. With this device, you can easily dig into the soil and place tiny holes all along your lawn.  The holes will facilitate the entrance of air and water to the roots.  For dethatching, you will simple take out the woody grass that grows in your lawn and prevents air and water from making their way to the roots.

With these tricks and tips, you can have a vivacious garden and lush lawn without introducing any toxic chemicals the environment.