7 Top Tips to a Lush Lawn

lush lawn
If you’re dreaming of the kind of lawn you see in fertilizer commercials, the kind of lawn your kids can roll around and frolic in, then these tips can help you achieve just that. A lush, green lawn depends on good soil and a few care taking practices that, over time, will strengthen roots and build a strong soil foundation to improve the look and health of your grass.

  1. Water your lawn wisely. Frequent watering encourages shallow roots. To promote deep, healthy root growth, give your lawn a weekly watering of about one inch. Set a rain gauge or measuring cup under your sprinkler to ensure you don’t over water.
  2. Fertilize your lawn with Seafert fish-seaweed fertilizer and apply it according to our recommended directions. Seafert fertilizer is powerful, don’t over do it.
  3. Sharpen your lawn mower blades at the beginning of the mowing season. Dull blades tear the grass and make it look ragged and uneven.
  4. Mow to a height of 3 inches so that you’re mowing the blades rather than the stalk.
  5. Leave the clippings on your lawn. Grass clippings can supply up to half of your lawn’s nitrogen needs.
  6. Aerate your lawn each fall. Aerating removes plugs of soil to give roots more room to grow and helps water and nutrients reach the roots more efficiently. Use an aerator that removes plugs from the soil rather than one that pokes holes in the ground, which won’t be as effective and can actually compact the soil more. After aerating, add a thin layer of sandy loam to the soil to fill in the holes and encourage deeper root growth.
  7. Over-seed your lawn each year, even if it doesn’t appear to need it, to promote constant new growth and help keep weeds at bay.

Be patient. It may take a couple of seasons to see the drastic improvement you’re looking for, but once your lawn is barefoot-worthy, it will have been worth the effort and the wait.